Stop Jenny McCarthy

…because she is both a nuisance and a public menace (hat tip to respectful insolence). Now, don’t get me wrong, I am sympathetic to the fact that her son is autistic, and I don’t know how it feels like, since I am not a parent, but it must be probably very hard on her. Still, that doesn’t give her the right to meddle in the health affairs of others, especially when she doens’t know what heck she is talking about. I am talking about her antivax stance and her antivax cronies. She is a public menace because she is preventing gullible people from taking vaccines because they are too scared. They believe it causes autism even though studies show there is no correlation between them at all. Not only that, when an ingredient of vaccine becomes too unreasonable to attack, they change goalposts. For example, it was initially a mercury compound, now it is formaldehyde, antifreeze (for antifreeze, they stupidly confused the names of two chemicals), aluminum, etc… They forget that anything can be a poison at large enough quantities, and vaccines contain very small quantities of them. Heck, even our environment exposes us more to those chemicals than any shots of vaccines. So, yeah, you got my point, stop her.


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