Punch DuPont

Last week Thursday (I know, I am late again), I was chosen by the school to go to Dupont to hear a bunch of speakers… well, speak about their careers. I thought it was a cool company. Basically, it is a chemical company that started out as explosives, and now it is expanding into biological side of things. Of course, in their overview of the history, they are probably hiding the err… questionable things all companies have from time to time. Anyways, many of the speakers were scientists and engineers, and I thought it was interesting hearing about their passion. There was the microbiologist and the one who did science related to paints and that chem engineer, who we later parodied because of her mentioning that she thinks as an engineer and problem solve like an engineer. The job I have never heard about was the “industrial hyegenist.” It sounded like they made sure the toilets were clean or something, alas, they are involved in company safety and cleanliness.

During the break, they showed a really cool material. A guy went in front with a roll of what looked like thread, code named “snow man,” and cut it. It resulted in a coily puff that made it quiet large and fluffy. I got a sample, and it was the so soft! I never wanted to let go. Fortunately, I got to take it home. However, since you won’t get to feel it, I will just show you a space filling model of the molecule, and a picture of the fluffy stuff:

(ignore the other two)


They plan to use it for clothing, carpets, and other materials. It is quiet stretchy, and they said it didn’t stain very well. If you stain a carpet made of this material, you could just wipe it off. Isn’t technology cool!

Anyways, they were also showing off how many of our products depend on DuPont produced stuff. Well, because of that, *John McCain’s voice* my friends, I suggest that we all modify the game punch buggy into DuPont punch. Everytime you see a DuPont product, say a teflon coated pan, we say ‘Punch DuPont Teflon®’ and hit another person. *end of McCain’s voice* (What? His tone of voice fits perfectly well with this comment) The game seems impractical, though. We would basically beat ourselves to a pulp.


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