Phil’s Death From the Sky

…sounds cool. Again, my busy schedule is forcing my hands on blogging things late. (having 4 AP classes is not a small thing) My message of today is, BUY IT. Ok, I haven’t read it yet, all right? But any book that contains realistic end of the world scenario (asteroids, sun dying in 4 billion years) and educates people about science must be cool, right? Ok, this is shameless promoting of stuff from my number one blog and blogger, the BA, but hey, it’s science!

Oh, and as a follow up, I am linking to his post about 10 things you don’t know about black holes. I knew 9 of them, so yeah, I am intellectually more superior than most of you. 🙂 How many of them do you think you will know? If you know 7 or more, you get a meaningless extra credit for the Pop Quizz section from me exclusively! Hey, getting things from me should be considered a blessing, regardless of how useless they are.


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