Daylight Saving is Crap

…and it seems like my suspicions are true.

It is a cool article. He talks about how our body changes throughout the circadian rythm, and how daylight savings can affect it. It seems like the incidence of heart attacks changes as the hours are moved. So, here is the statement of Daylight Saving being crap:

But back to Daylight Saving Time. First, let me ask you (again) to see Larry’s post from last year, where you will find a lot of useful information and links about it. What is important to keep in mind is that DST itself is not the problem – it is the time-changes twice a year that are really troubling.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that DST was instituted in the past at the time when the world looked very different. At the time when a tiny sliver of the population is still involved in (quite automated and mechanized) agriculture, when electricity is used much more for other things than illumination (not to mention that even the simple incandescent light bulbs today are much more energy efficient than they used to be in the past, not to mention all the newfangled super-efficient light-bulbs available today), when many more people are working second and third shifts than before, when many more people work according to their own schedules – the whole idea of DST makes no sense any more.

Even if initially DST saved the economy some energy (and that is questionable), it certainly does not do so any more. And the social cost of traffic accidents and heart attacks is now much greater than any energy savings that theoretically we may save.

Furthermore, it now seems that circadian clocks are harder to shift than we thought in the past. Even that one-hour change may take some weeks to adjust to, as it is not just a singular clock but a system – the main pacemaker in the SCN may shift in a couple of days, but the entire system will be un-synchronized for some time as it may take several weeks for the peripheral clocks in the liver and intestine to catch up – leading to greater potential for other disorders, e.g., stomach ulcers.

The social clues (including the alarm clocks) may not be as good entraining agents as we thought before either, especially in rural areas where the natural lighting still has a profound effect.

Finally, the two time-change days of the year hit especially hard people with Bipolar Disorder and with Seasonal Affective Disorder – not such a small minority put together, and certainly not worth whatever positives one may find in the concept of DST. We should pick one time and stick with it. It is the shifts that cost the society much more than any potential benefits of DST.

I really hate Daylight Saving Time. I wish I could transmit telepathically a thought of me kicking the butt of the lawmaker who suggested Daylight Saving Time to be extended to that same lawmaker. Or perhaps I can kidnap him/her, strap him/her, and make him/her read scientific research about Daylight Saving Time as to actually fry their brain by actually making them think. Wait, I take that back, he/she have no brain to burn. (Hat tip: A Blog Around the Clock)


One Response to Daylight Saving is Crap

  1. I do so agree!
    End DST!
    Wikipedia has an illustration which shows the timing of dawn which our bodies adjust to day after day all winter/spring until, whammo, the bottom drops out and circadian confusion reigns:

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