Carnival of Spaces and Recent Astronomy News

Being busy with school work, I didn’t find much time to blog. So, I will make it up by putting links to astro news from the last week, plus carnival of spaces I might have missed.

Carnival of Space

Here, they are 78, 77, and 76. *war scene*Leave no carnivals unposted!!!!

And in other news…

Phoenix, the Martian space probe on the Northern latitude is dead. *dramatic sob, NOOO!!!* We learned so much from it…

We got planet pictures from other star systems!!! If you can appreciate how difficult it is to take pictures of planets outside the Solar System because of A. Distance, B. Planets are freaking small, and C. Stars are way brighter than planets, then you will understand my excitement. Anyways, there are two, with one of them having two planets shown:

The astronomers also got a deep field picture of the universe with ground based telescopes! (badastronomy) Just a warning, that picture is LARGE and if your computer is slow… Too bad, sucker!

Old pictures of the Apollo missions are being restored.

Chandrayaan-1, a space probe to the moon released an impact probe, and successfully… well, impacted it, obviously, and sent a few cool pictures.

Finally, this is what happens when a moon from Saturn and part of Saturn’s ring collides.

If you want more coverages, you can go to the space section of LiveScience, and

3 Responses to Carnival of Spaces and Recent Astronomy News

  1. NITESKYGIRL says:

    enjoying your blog, just discovered it on Phil Plait’s site

  2. karima says:

    hi, i am very interested in: how life would be in mars………

  3. ibyea says:

    Life in Mars, if it ever existed, is either probably extinct or it will be microbial. The atmosphere is not large enough to sustain large organisms and sustain liquid water (water is mostly frozen or evaporated) Current thinking is that large oceans existed back then, and with good reason, like for example, the landscape of Mars and the minerals that could only be formed with liquid water. So, there could have been microbes. Unfortunately, the solar wind dissipated the Martian atmosphere into space, since Martian gravity is lower than Earth’s. So yeah, no liquid water on surface, may or may not have microbes.

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