Quantum Electro What?

Me: *shouging* I said, quantum electrodynamic!

You: What the bloody &%#@* is that!

Me (thingking): You don’t know what it is?! That is it, you are officially an idiot, you are a lost cause!

Me (saying): Oh, it is basically the study of light on a small scale level, to see how and why light behaves in such a way. Here is a series of lectures about it by the co-inventor of the field, Richard Feynman. Don’t worry, he won’t use super complicated math in the lecture. These lectures are for everyone, (everyone as in having a high school background in physics and math). *cough* moron *cough*

You: What? Did you say something?

Me: Oh, uh… nothing. ^_^ *disappears in mid-air, leaving a whisp of black mist to dissipate*

You: Ok, what the heck was that about… Oh well. *ignores my links*

3 Responses to Quantum Electro What?

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  3. […] results for a gazillion decimal places? Seriously, they do! (go and look at Richard Feynman’s lecture on quantum […]

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