Madness?! This is Megaman 9!!!

Actually, it is both. Yes, it is too paradoxical for your little minds to grasp, like particle-wave duality (me, trying to impose physics on you? Pfftt, where did you get that from… *acting paranoid*) But since I am merciful, I will slowly attempt to describe the utter madness of the game, so that you can dig it in your feeble mind. ^_^ Oh, and don’t take this as a criticism of the game, I really enjoy it, it’s just that I haven’t played something this hard for such a long time that I forgot how it used to be, K?

Anyways, the new Megaman game came out with a new roster of bosses to beat.


Anyways, there is a woman! Splashwoman (lame)

Oh, and it comes with a new “cool cover.”

By the way, that is just a parody made by the developers of the game similar to the old box art for megaman 1, and they have been keeping the tradition of horrible box art since.

This game is 8-bit old school hard, meaning, nail-biting, hair ripping, finger carpal tunnel syndrome inducing hard. I haven’t played something this hard for years. Those of you who are impatient are going to throw the controllers a lot (hey, at least it is therapeutic, releasing all the pent up anger. ^_^). This megaman eliminates two crucial things that made some megamans easier, which is crouching, and charging up the booster shots. No crouching! In modern gaming terms, that is like someone breaking your leg and expecting you to run a marathon with it. I know, this ain’t cool. Then, there is the all obligatorly spiked walls. One touch of pixel, and you are DEAD! DEAD! START ALL OVER AGAIN! Sorry, lost my composture there. Then there is the thing in which there is only one checkpoint throughout a stage, and if you lose all of your life, game over takes you back to the veerryyy beggining. I tell you, that is absolute torture. I have only beat one guy, galaxyman, and note, he was the “easy one.” Some of the stages are so hard I never got to the first checkpoint, like concrete man, in which I keep forgetting that enemies come out of the holes and make me fall. Sad, huh? I did like a bazillion try on plug man, which is one of my favorite stage, I still didn’t make it. This is never going to end… *sigh*


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