“There is no spoon Virus”

Or at least that is what this fool says. (Say it in Neo’s voice! ^_^) Yeah, forget modern science, they are too elitist, money grubbers, conspiracy junkies, who know nothing despite centuries of studies, but I know better than those stupid scientists, forget this is the 21st century, Yeah! Yeah, I don’t know. It is one of those what the *bleep* moments… It seems like this one is one of those fringe lunatics in the world of alternative medicines. This one, though, is quiet excessive extremely stupid, I repeat, really concentrated form of stupid, a stupid so stupid that such stupid could tear the fabric of space and time, a stupid so stupid that untrained readers could have brain damage and be in a vegetable state by the end of it. This guy denies the germ theory of diseases and makes arguments so stupid… Orac has a full takedown on this. I just recommend you to be ready for a good laughter against that idiot.

Once, Aristotle wrote about what consisted of a perfect tragedy, Oedipus Rex (the king) being the perfect one. Someone should write a book about what consists of the perfect woo too, this one being the perfect one, and all the other woos should be held to this standard.


One Response to “There is no spoon Virus”

  1. […] of the Germ Denier Remember the post I made about germ denial, and the link I gave about the guy who refutes them? Well, in his […]

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