I Am Mad at Church…

Update: One more thing at the bottom

…because it took away from me something far more important to me than church ever was to me. It prevented me from seeing the new TV movie 24: Redemption. Indeed, that is a grave sin that has been committed against me. And I had no choice in the matter, I am still in High School living with my parents. Fortunately, it is up online, but I reaalllyyy wanted to see it that night, I couldn’t wait. Two freaking years of waiting after season 6…

In order to achieve catharsis, I have decided to put a few links that discredits the church (in courtesy of PZMyers, the person to go if you want that catharsis when you feel angry at church, or if you love cephalopods, like ME!)

First business in order, I always knew the Bible was fantasy… Ok, since two years ago, I knew it was fantasy. And archeology seems to confirm my suspicions in this PBS program. Behind the wild stories of the Bible, there are only grains of truth. Of course, archaeology is sometimes quiet vague, and so, various interpretations could be done. Still, the evidence doesn’t ad up.

Oh, and have you ever heard of a really dumb organization named the Catholic League? No? Well, I am going to tell you, it is really dumb. It is the Catholic organization that cries wolf. Actually, replace wolf with heresy, and boy with Bill Donehue (a very imbecilic guy), and now, you know everything that has to do with that organization. I realize that the people from the Catholic league doesn’t represent actual Catholics. In fact, other Catholics are against it. Of course, according to the boy who cry wolf… I mean, Bill Donehue… I mean, the Catholic “League,” they aren’t “true Catholics,” whatever that means…

Then, there is the Creationists… I mean, Stupid Design… I mean, Cdesign Proponentists… I give up. Anyways, they are trying to put their mytho… belief in the classroom in Texas, saying, get this, the Earth is 6000 years old!! That is funny, it is like saying the Earth is 1 nanometers in diameter. Anyways, it is outrageous, and you should be outraged too. It is like teaching kids that the Earth is flat. In a decent society, those people would be made fun of, just like the flat Earth proponents. Alas, it ain’t so.

Now, this video is truly cathartic, and funny, but it is also like therapy. This is like throwing the game controller across the room when you lose a hundred times in a video game.

Finally, you can’t possibly think I can end a post about bashing religion without another one! You know, I have heard people say this, “U r’ 2 skared too critizize Islam, rolf!!!” What a load of crap. In case they haven’t noticed, not only is Christianity more common in U.S., Islam is more subdued in U.S. than the Islam in Middle East, which is crazy, and I can’t imagine it getting crazier, and secondly, I don’t see why I would have to get scared. Anyways, here is a Muslim with a stupid streak at creationist stupidity, deriving some of the most ignorant statement with his mouth.

WOW!!! That felt good!

Oh, and there is this game called Playing God. Basically, you get to play as one of the jealous gods, convert, and smite! Sounds fun. What I would do is play as the Christian god, and lose purposefully, just because I dislike the Catholic church so much just because it is the most boring thing in the world, and has a really crazy belief system.


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