Countering the “Open Minded” Review of Terrence Witt’s Book

December 31, 2008

Addendum: Hey, looks like someone listened to my plight! ^_^ (check the comment section) Oh, and I have got to tell you one more classic woo physics from this book. Get this, energy=s*m^2 according to the book, not energy=kg*m^2/s^2. Looks like Mr. Witt just failed middle school physics. (Remember? Kinetic energy=1/2*mass*velocity^2, which makes kg*m^2/s^2, or potential=mass*gravitational acceleration*height gives the same result.) Ohh, and rubbing salt to the injury: another comment from a physicist.

Oh boy, here it comes, with people promulgating “open mindedness,” as if being open minded always leads to intelligent decision. Well, theories sure ain’t intelligent if they are internally inconsistent and well, not real. And so, here comes, from my comment in one of my posted reviews of “Our Undiscovered Universe.” It is boring and insipid, so be ready, and also be ready for a very long rant:

Here is an open-minded review of Null Physics. Eveyone in the scientific community seems very upset over the book. Some readers have even spent their valuable time tracking down Mr. Witt online and posing reviews every time they see his name. I wonder why? Is it because Witt has discovered something important they don’t want the world to read about? Dr. Morse’s review is very fair. Every review should bring out the positives and the negatives. He also does not use the word “crackpot.” I’ve never featured out what a crackpot is anyway.

He also has some very interesting points about James Randi on his web site as well.





Just when you thought you were starting to understand quantum physics, here comes Terence Witt with Our Undiscovered Universe in which he challenges virtually all the accepted assumptions underlying our current perception of reality. Terence Witt’s Universe is infinite, timeless (no beginning and no end), with no Big Bang, no accelerating galaxies away from the center, and no sub-sub atomic particles such as quarks. Instead, he postulates that the Universe consists of nothing! This is why he calls his theory “Null Physics”. But not just empty space, not that kind of nothing. Terence Witt’s view of the Universe is that is consists entirely of curved space, gravity, and energy forming a complex balance of matter and anti-matter, energy and dark energy, all adding up to nothing at all. Read the rest of this entry »

Chicken Soup for Woo Lovers

December 30, 2008

This has to be one of the most awesome poetry ever! ^_^ It is basically about how ridikulus woo is, and you will basically see the character “Storm” make the usual diatribe supporting “alternative medicine.” Well, as the poetry says, you know what they call “alternative medicines” that actually work?  Medicine.

Two Bits of Astronomy from Me

December 30, 2008

It seems like the sun, in its 22 years sunspot cycle, is still holding on, refusing to accept that its 23rd cycle is over (like the way I can’t accept that my freaking Wii Got STOLEN!!!) Anyways, there is a nice picture of the sun, very smooth:

(hat tip: Dynamics of Cats)

On another news, there is a new conjunction right now! You missed the ones in the previous days, but you get another chance in December 31st, the eve before new years! Just go out, and look up around 40 minutes after sunset.

(hat tip: badastronomy)

Ten Skeptics who Kicked @$$

December 30, 2008

In Skepchick… Woo hoo, the Badastronomer is there! ^_^ But he is tied with PZ… (boooh!)  There is also Simon singh, who is in a lawsuit against the charlatans called chiropractors, whatever that is. Oh, and can you believe Amanda Peet, an *gasp* actor, is a skeptic! Really, before I knew this skeptic community, I would have just blatantly said that all actors are stupid. Seriously, only stupid actors dominate the news, maybe because stupid acts are more newsworthy.

Traffic Blog

December 30, 2008

I just found a blog about the psychology of driving. You should check it out!

(hat tip: cognitive daily, you should look the video in there about people driving ’round arc of triumph in Paris, crazy!)

Elitist Bastards are Here Again

December 30, 2008

In the carnival of Elitist Bastards 8. So, you want to join us elitist? Try to be as educated in something as possible. See, it is easy! ^_^ What! Reading is too hard, you say!?

On Blogging

December 28, 2008

This article sums up pretty well what to do and not to do in blogging. I don’t agree with being too wordy, though. Somehow, some of my very wordy articles are some of the most read ones. Unless someone is just typing something in google, and accidentally stumbling in here through those pages… I don’t care! ^_^

(hat tip: a blog around the clock)

Analyzing Physics in Trailer

December 28, 2008

How cool is that? What dotphysics is Kirk’s jump at the beginning of this video, and whether he can hold on to the cliff:

According to the calculations, it is not entirely impossible assuming the car slows down a lot before going off the cliff.

Some Number Posts

December 28, 2008

At Good Math, Bad Math, he posted some interesting stuffs about numbers, like roman numerals, e-exponential number, i-imaginary, and zero, the bizarre number of nothingness.

Oh, and if you want to know more about the imaginary, square root of -1, check this site out, which I linked a long time ago.

Funny Christmas Story

December 28, 2008

If any of you reads this blog, you know I hate Catholic church, and only because I have to attend it. Now, what happened wasn’t that big of a deal, but it was quiet remarkable, since nothing seems to happen in churches.

A few days back, when I was at church, something bad, and funny happened. Ya see, I was at church (duh, I already told you) all angry that I had to be there at Christmas, and afterwards all bored, since I was the altar boy, possibly the worst job ever. Seriously, the 20 dollars giftcard of Best Buy I recieved is not worth it. Anyways, what altar people do is dress in a ridiculously extravagant white robe, and assist the preacher in giving him some stuff because apparently, preachers are either too pure or lazy to do it themselves. Christmas day was even more annoying. Basically, he got this powder, and put it in this egg like container, which released a horrible, pungent, odor, and I was smack dab in the middle of it.

After one hour of torture, especially during the singing part, which I wanted them to shut up, I had to turn off the candles. You would think that blowing on them would be enough, but no, those are special kinds of candles! Now, get this, you have to get a big rod with a golden cup, and put it on top of the round glass case which sorrounds the fire, so that it consumes the oxygen, and turns off. That is right, even the mere act of turning off some freaking candles are ritualized. Anyways, around the golden cup though, there were these waxes, right? We tried taking them off, but it was hard to do it, so I kind of melted them with the fire. Once I reached the final candle, I could easily stick it in the glass case, but when I lifted it up, the glass case got stuck on the cup thanks to the melting wax, and fell on the floor, shattering into tiny little bits. It was quiet funny, really, and it happened in front of a lot of people. People I knew afterwards came, sarcastically saying, “good job,” and another guy I knew clapped, sarcastically.

Anyways, that is the story. If it was lame, you have the right to write expletives to me on the comments section. ^_^ By the way, if you hate church as much as I do, I don’t recommend breaking stuffs in church just because I did it. What I did was an accident, in no way intentional. Still, it felt good for at least something to happen at church. ^_^