Operant and Classical Conditioning

I have AP psychology for class, and a while ago, I learned about how we learn. There are two types. Classical is like you learning that the bell in classes mean you have to get out of it. If you hear the bell, and see that everyone gets out at it, then you eventually will get up and leave class automatically after the sound of the bell. Basically, you associate a stimulus, like sound, to another thing, so that if you hear that sound, you react the same way you would have reacted with that other thing.  Operant conditioning is learning to get a reward. You know, you pass a class, and you get A+, that is operant. The reward is getting A+ and feeling good about yourself.

Anyways, there is a web page which simulates the experiments done. One simulates Pavlov’s classical conditioning experiment, and the other one replicates BF Skinner’s experiment with birds on operant conditioning. You should also try out the other simulated experiments, like the split brain one. You could learn something pretty weird…

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