Some Stuff You Might Want to Read

Goodness sakes, I can’t wait until I graduate High School. Then, I will be free for a while until I go to college, which then, the busy times will resume. Oh well… Anyways, happy winer solstice!! ^_^ What, didn’t you know that December 21 is the shortest month of the year?! I swear, jeez, some of you people not knowing stuff. ^_^ Anyways, here are some links:

102nd Skeptic’s Circle

The master of all woos: Quantum homeopathy by Lionel Milgrom

Carnival of Spaces: 82,  83, and 84

Finally, Cosmic Variance has some stuff about dark energy. (oooh, mysterious) By the way, would you like to read the movie scripts of your favorite movies (linked by this same guy)? ^_^ You could find something interesting in the scripts, maybe.


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