Ten Morons Who Spread Moronic Ideas

There is a nice list in Skepchick about 10 idiots who spread idiocies without any human decency. Indeed, these people deserve the worst mockery that the human race can provide. Unfortunately, they are not getting mocked often enough, so it is the blogosphere’s job to do it, since no one else will do it. Out of the list, the one I hate the most is Kevin Trudeau. He is a definite con man who sells his so called “Cures THEY don’t want you to know about.” If you have seen his informertials, his claims are absolutely preposterous, saying basically that he can cure pretty much every disease in the world. I REALLY hate this guy. Now, out of the list, I think George Bush did worse things (like condone torture), but seeing the infommercial directly sucks the humanity out of you. Anyways, he has done other fradulent things, and the worst part is that desperate people actually fall for it. For his part in using desperate people’s need in order to gain money, he deserves a nice kick on his testicles. Actually, he deserves more than that. He deserves to have time slowed down so that one second is 50 seconds for him, and then kick his testicles, so that every second is like an agony of infinite density. At least he got fined 5$ million dollars, but I think he deserves jail (and the punishment I mentioned above). ^_^

Because I once suffered through his informmercial, I decided that you have to suffer through it too. Watch it, and fill your hearts with hate and spite (and go to the dark side of the force).


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