Conspiracy Theorists, You Gotta’ Love ’em

December 27, 2008

Update: More about conspiracy at the bottom

I recently found some weird conspiracy theory based on Titanic. You see, someone wrote a book about a ship named Titan sinking thanks to an iceberg, and for some reason, someone building a ship with a similar name, but not the same one over a decade later is somehow “not a coincidence.” Anyways, credits to Splendidelles. Oh, and this is not a conspiracy with all of us sketics to discredit pseudoscience, woos, and conspiracy theories. Pfft, what makes you think that? Jeez!


I just found something complementary to this post. It seems like conspiracy theories have to do something with control. It seems like people who can’t seem to have control and security in their life will attempt at anything to gain that control back, and in order to do so, one sees pattern in places where there are none. This means the person will get supersticious, and if one gets crazy enough, well, the above happens. Anyways, read up about the research, the experiment done is interesting.