Astrology is Chinese Fortune Cookie…

and this gratuitous illustration (hat tip badastronomer):

Other than creationism, astrology is one of the most annoying pseudoscience for me, particularly because it is my beloved subject. One day, I was going through the readomattic on wordpress for some random reason when I found this page which led to this page about astrology. I warn you, the astrology web page looks absolutely disgusting, and unless you don’t want your neurons to commit apoptosis, I wouldn’t recommend going there. Now, on the blog that linked the astrology place, the person was talking about the new year and then, mentions something most astrologers said about Saturn’s retrogade movement in the sky being bad. What I don’t get is what does a retrogade movement of Saturn in the sky has to do with either bad or good things happening. All it means is that from Earth’s perspective, it is going backward, but if one saw a bird’s eye view of the Solar System, one would see Earth “approaching” Saturn, while Saturn chugs along in a very slow orbit. Next, that person quotes the astrology place, and gives what seems to be a really vague fortune cookie advice because that is what astrology is, a Chinese fortune cookie advice. No one listens to Chinese fortune cookies, but when it is disguised as astrology… *sigh* Some people make major decisions of their lives based on these Chinese fortune cookies, think about it. If it turns out to be a bad advice, people will have their lives ruined. Sometimes, people need guidance, but blindly following a disproved idea won’t do it. Sometimes, accepting the reality of the situation, and adapting is the best idea.

So, since through all the tedious text, your attention span was probably short, so I will compensate for you mentally deficient people. ^_^ So, what was the lesson of the day? Don’t ever listen to Chinese fortune cookies, even if they are disguised as astrology.


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