Deviance and Amusing Reactions

Human behavior is an awesome class I have, and there was one particular assignment that was awkward or somewhat crazy. Basically, it was about breaking rules, which is called deviance. The experiments included sitting besides someone when the chairs in a public place were mostly empty, males shopping with a purse or females with their prom dress, calling a teacher by his/her first name (with permission) to describe the students’ reaction, asking for more homework, and finally, standing up every time the teacher calls during class.

I chose the first name thingy. When I said the teacher’s first name, the results were extremely amusing. People had that priceless shocked looked on their faces, with giggles of nervousness, and “oohhs.” One student was coming back from the bathroom, and she just entered as I said it. She cursed, and immediately went outside, expecting the teacher to snap. The teacher and I just laughed our butt off. What a priceless day. ^_^


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