First Experience in Court

Yesterday, my father got a court appointment, and I had to go with him to translate (he is not good with english). It was because of some car accident he got to when a car crashed on a car which crashed on his. It was inconvenient in that I had to study for midterms, but it was interesting. My father was going to be a witness,  but the guy decided to get an attorney and take it to a higher court. Anyways, we did the standard stand up for the judge motion and all. The bad part was finding the place and waiting for the trial to start while I was dying of hunger. Chocoollaatee… *drool*


2 Responses to First Experience in Court

  1. Sounds interesting, in a “government wasting citizens’ time” sort of way.

    Wait, no, don’t mention chocola…crap, now I’m hungry =(

  2. ibyea says:

    Good, the purpose of this blog is to send people in a hunger driven mad frenzy through the use of tasty desserts, and when they do, I will rulz over teh world!!! 🙂

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