a)Me b)h8 c)teh d)Es.A.Tee. e)no error

Answer? No error, cause the whole thing is true! I hate the SAT! I had my last SAT yesterday, and I am glad I won’t ever see it again. Seriously, it is one of the dumbest test ever. Supposedly, one is supposed to do an essay in 25 minutes, which is probably the most unproductive part of the whole thing. Seriously, an essay in 25 minutes?! That is so dumb I don’t know where to start. Never mind that students have to be taught to revise the essays, never mind they have to think things through in order to not write BS. That is what I probably wrote on the SAT, some BS mixed with lame “coherent thoughts” with no style at all. Secondly, the whole thing drones on for four hours. Now, no matter how much of a supergenius you are,  your concentration takes you only so far. Indeed, even after I have had two doses of chocolate and a bag of chips, I ended up with a headache pounding rithmically to the pulse of my veins. By the tenth section of the SAT, I could not focus well, and probably got a lot of it wrong. So, in my mind, SAT is not hard because of the problems (though some of the problems do have to be thought for a while), the juggling of the speed you do the questions, or which ones you guess or leave blank, but mainly because of the concentration needed to maintain the blazing speed at which you have to solve the problems. The SAT, then, becomes a marathon of concentration.

At least I did better than last time. ^_^ People think you can’t study for this thing, but knowing what to expect, and developing techniques to approach the problems make a whole world of a difference.


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