Amusing Penis Enlargement Spam and the “Cover Both Sides Fallacy”

Now, what does the penis enlargement spam has anything to do with the “covering both side” fallacy, you say? Well, I got sent a spam in my debunking of “Our Undiscovered Universe” post which said:

I think you are thinking like sukrat, but I think you should cover the other side of the topic in the post too…

Well, it is strange for me. I didn’t think a spammer actually had any other life than spamming. Now, some of you wondering why that is a fallacy? I mean, there are always division in opinion. The problem with that assumption is that when it comes to reality, it is not a matter of opinion. Sorry, but the Earth is a spheroid, and goes around the sun no matter how much you wish it wouldn’t. The same thing is with physics. No matter how much you hate quantum mechanics (Terrence Witt dislike quantum mechanics), it is a very close approximation of how particles behave, so you might as well consider it a fact that particles move in a probabilistic manner.

Though seriously, spammers actually do something other than post spams, and really do have some sort of primitive brain, probably consisting of just the brain stem and the limbic system. I am not joking.

2 Responses to Amusing Penis Enlargement Spam and the “Cover Both Sides Fallacy”

  1. not all person do that, spam
    they do have life, they just want fast, everything must fast…

    i’m neutral about this 😉

  2. ibyea says:

    I was just being sarcastic, you know. ^_^

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