Are You an Astronomer?

Well, this facebook page has a list of things that would make you an astronomer, and they are pretty funny, while at the same time, true. Anyways, I will highlight things which counts for me. (hat tip: universe today)

You know you’re an astronomer when…

1. You see a bright star and know that it’s actually Mars. (and Venus)

2. You know the names of specific craters on the Moon.

3. You know the significance of the phrase “Oh Be A Fine Guy/Girl, Kiss Me” or as we knew it in my high school astronomy class… “Oh Boy, A Fat Girl Kicked Me”.

4. You know the difference between an asteroid and a comet.

5. You have a personal vendetta against the weatherman.

6. You know that Olympus Mons is the tallest peak in the solar system and which planet it’s on (not Earth!). (for me, this is like the duh of all astronomical facts)

7. You’ve spent the night with your significant other… watching a meteor shower. (don’t have a sig. other)

8. You’ve changed the lyrics of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” to make them factually correct. (read a factually correct version, not made one)

9. You know the phrase “a mere billion years” is not an oxymoron. (space is HHUUGGEE!!!11oneone)

10. Someone mentions Jodie Foster and you think of Eleanor Arroway.

11. You’ve been in a debate over whether Pluto is a planet. (Okay, it was more like explain, and discuss in a blog post, so debate is not at all accruate)

12. You know that Pluto really isn’t a planet and shouldn’t have been considered one to start (as sad as it may be). (frankly, this is debatable, and shoudn’t be on the list)

13. You can give the mass of the sun, the average distance between the Earth and the sun, and the value of the gravitational constant off the top of your head.

14. You know the exact value of the speed of light.

15. You’ve decorated your room with a reproduction of your favorite portion of the night sky. (when decorated, I mean just a poster about Mars and Earth comparison)

16. You’ve used Polaris to find the Big Dipper. (Well, actually, it was the opposite, though I tried a few times to do it this way)

17. You know what NASA stands for.

18. A friend of yours thought you were studying Astrology. (for me, this is like the rite of initiation ^_^)

19. You can pronounce Betelgeuse, Uranus, Charon, and Cassiopeia at least two different ways each.

20. You know the actual pronunciation of Uranus is “your a nus”, not “your anus”. (hahaha, “your anus”, poor Uranus)

21. Someone casually wonders aloud how many planets out there might be able to support life you immediately think of the Drake equation.

22. You think the purpose of life is to study the sky. (More like, I want to be an astronomer)

23. You’ve ever wondered how much you’d be fined if you blew out all of the streetlights on your street so you could see the stars better. (I wish this could happen)

24. You ask for a telescope for Christmas/Hannukah/Birthday/any other gift giving holiday. (I did it once for my birthday when I was a kid a long time ago, I am planning to ask for a binocular)

25. You pronounce “Maria” with the emphasis on the first syllable.

26. While observing in the middle of the night in an open area, policemen come up to you and want to know what you’re doing.

27. You race to the bookstore when the new issue of Astronomy Magazine or Sky and Telescope comes out. (I am subscribed to Astronomy, and when someone gave away his Sky and Telescope, I took 2 years worth of them)

28. You have Astronomy podcasts on your ipod. (I listen to them online)

29. You know every line to Apollo 13, and have possibly read the book. (Seen it like five times, that counts too, right? ^_^)

30. Your heroes include Galileo, Isaac Newton, Albert Eistein, Johannes Kepler, Tycho Brahe, Carl Sagan, and many others.

31. You’re incredibly proud of your 2nd place medal in the Science Olympiad Astronomy competition!

32. When you see a list of the zodiac and you get annoyed if they’re not in the right order of procession.

33. If it’s clear out and the seeing is good, observing takes priority over sleeping, eating, and tomorrow’s midterm!

34. You pack more observing equipment than clothes for a two week vacation.

35. You’ll stand outside for hours in the 18* weather to watch the lunar eclipse. (During the lunar eclipse last February, I went outside during winter when there was snow all over, and lied down for an hour to see it.)

Wow, I am definitely an astro guy. Twenty five of them are at least to some extent, relatable to me. ^_^ Albeit I kind of cheated, which is why I wrote “to some extent.” Still, many of them are entirely true. Though I don’t know why astronomers would have a vendetta to a weatherman, it is not their fault that everytime an astronomer decides to show off their new telescopes, clouds appear in order to spoil the fun. This leads to a totally unrelated story. I remember we weren’t going to Six Flags because of rainy weather. My brother looked at the radar, and it turns out that the clouds split before reaching Six Flags, completely bypassing it, and reunited at the other end. Stupid clouds, we could have been over there and not have had people to annoy us.


2 Responses to Are You an Astronomer?

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  2. Thanks for saying that #12 shouldn’t be on the list. Many astronomers, both amateur and professional, DO view Pluto as a planet, in spite of the controversial and ridiculous demotion by four percent of the IAU.

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