Rainbow Challenge

Update: Now that I felt like posting up the answers to these, yep, they are down there.

This is the n’th edition of *drum rolls* Pop Quizz! A quizz in which the answers are not obvious and if it is obvious, and you get it wrong, you are rebuked at!!!

Occasionally, I will occasionally ask a question, and the reader will answer them! For every wrong answer, I will consider one of your comments a spam. Ha! See how you like that suckers! (I am kidding, of course) Sometimes, a wrong answer won’t invite rage, some really obvious one will, and you will be called an idiot if you can’t answer the obvious one. In fact, I may have to make an extra page on my blog for the lists of idiots. 🙂

Now, remember that post about rainbow, and how I told you I was going to quizz you about it? Well, this is it. Now, everything I am about to test you on is in that post. Really, I swear, E-VERY-THING. So, unless you are an atmospheric scientist, I highly recommend you go to that post and watch the lecture from MIT’s Walter Lewin. Now, once you have looked at it, you can begin.

Instruction: Look at the following pictures of the rainbow. They are all either weird or fake, could be both. If they are fake, tell me why. If they are not, tell me what the hell is happening because it ain’t normal either. Now, please, don’t cheat. ^_^

Number 1

Number 2 (no rain, could it be true? could it be false?)


Number 3

Number 4 (click picture and you will see what’s weird about it)

Bonus: Which part of the airplane is the guy taking the picture from?

By now, you should be going like WTF!?111oneone

Answers… Coming soon Finally here

Number 1: Normally, you wouldn’t be able to have two rainbows. Rainbows are all observer related, and so considering that there is only a whole bunch of raindrops, you only see one. But this is not a fake picture, so how can there be two rainbows? Well, the second one was reflected off of a body of water. They are called reflection rainbows. It also explains why the positions of those two are different.

Number 2: It is not fake. Indeed, it comes from the cover of a really good book about these atmospheric phenomena. Also, there is no rain, and it is freezing cold. So, how can it be true? Well, the answer lies in the fact that in the background, there is no ice at all, and well, there is a rainbow. Therefore, something in this environment Must Be spitting out droplets of water. As long as you recognize that something is spraying water, I will give you props for that. It turns out, there is the Niagara falls at the side, spraying water all over and freezing afterwards.

Number 3: It is false. All you have to know to see that is that the colors are inverted. I know, whoever did it, *smirk* what a moron.

I will let you get number 4 and bonus by yourself for a while, so yeah, this is not over yet.

Number 4: Real, it happens because while the spray of water in the front is fresh water, all the water behind is salt water. That means that both water have different index of refraction for light, meaning, light bends differently depending on the medium, causing part of the bow to brake. This explanation maintains the fact that there can only be one rainbow, and it all depends on the viewer. You might have been misled to have been two different kinds of rainbow or something like that.

Bonus: The viewer is in between the wing and front cockpit. You can tell by the way the halo is centered around that part in the picture. After all, it all depends on the viewer where it is, since the rainbow is a phenomena that is a product of our senses.


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  3. Snedegar says:

    I have been struggling with this for a long tie, I appreciate the encouragement – it gives me hope. Maybe someoneelse will figure this out.

  4. Burbage says:

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  5. Wow, i cant believe every other blog out there is filled with so much spam, can you guys do something about this?

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