Vaccines Ruled Safe in Court, Antivax People Melting

February 14, 2009

hahahahaha… HaHaHaHaHaH… WHAHAHAHA!

Oh boy, sorry, I lost my cool there for a moment. It’s just that some certain group of people had their butts kicked. Even  in science is not decided by the court, this will surely speak loudly in the minds of people who are not into the scientific method or medicine or whatever.

The group of people who got pawned are the people who think autism is caused by vaccines. They give out slogans like: “too much, too soon” and “there are toxins and metals OMG!” The first one is not true, the second one is really dumb since it is quantity that matters, and any substance can become poisonous with enough quantity. Also, they have a study from this guy named Andrew Wakefield, which despite its horrible methodology, they have dept citing it. Well, no more, his results are *dum dum dum* Falsified. *long 24 style breath after a plot twist* Not that it was surprising, it wasn’t.

Anyways, the sooner the antivax ideology, which is causing the resurgence of some diseases and death of preventable diseases, is gotten rid off, the better.

No Mercy.


Carina Nebulae: The Huge Picture

February 14, 2009

Badastronomy once again posted another HUGE picture of some parts in the universe. This time, it is a nebulae, a huge star forming region. The really bright star in the lower left is Eta Carinae, it is one of the largest and most luminous of stars, and it has two lobes of gas ejected from the star. Here is the picture:

Here is the link to download the picture. I tell you, it is HUGE, so yeah, if your internet is a bummer, well, you are out of luck.

Chocolate and Roses

February 14, 2009

In the periodicvideos channel of youtube, they made a Valentines special about chocolates and roses. Just posting it ’cause they are talking about my favorite food, chocolate.

365 Days of Astronomy Song

February 14, 2009

I just recently put the link to a year long podcast 365 days of astronomy on the links sideways, as you can see. I also found its “official song” (hat tip badastronomy)

If you are interested in this guy, you can check out his blog.

Here is the lyric:

You ponder the universe and a look comes ‘cross your face
You try to fathom distances of all the stuff in space
But you can’t wrap the bacon of your mind around the fig
Of all the terms required to describe how big is big

So let me get specific, and use words scientific
Go whip out your thesaurus, for this exacting chorus

This stuff is far, [it’s really far] this stuff is far far far away
We’re talkin’ far, [like über far] you can’t get there by car in a day
It’s super duper crazy far but not just pulsars quasars and stars
I mean it’s far, far, far, if there’s some doubt listen to us shout [THIS STUFF IS FAR]

I sense all the explosions going off inside your brain
As your mind gets blown by what I just did explain
Sorry if my words might drive you all insane
But that’s what happens when precision is your middle name

So with an exacting factor, like some sextant or protractor
Using details quite semantic, I’ll show how huge is this gigantic


…far too big to explain in any concise ways,
it might just have to take 365 days

I hope that I have offered up some technical assistance
And haven’t caused your ticker too much ventrical resistance
But you have got to listen and trust my insistence
That I am very accurately describing the distance


Carnival in the Moon Society

February 14, 2009

Welcome to carnival of space 85, lunar edition, whatever that means.