AP Night at Middle School

Two days ago, I volunteered with my psychology teacher for AP night at middle school, along with a few classmates. It was kind of boring. First, this jazz band was playing music, which I didn’t like. It is probably me, though. I don’t like a lot of musics. Then, this U of Delaware guy spoke about AP and “rigor” and whatever. Then my AP US history teacher spoke (Woo Hoo!) about the usual things and a warning I feel some of my classmates should have listened to: “don’t overload.” Anyways, she called upon all of us AP students who volunteered in front. Yay! Public spotlight! 🙂 Afterwards there were questions and then we were supposed to attend the table where the psych teacher set up her spot. We were going to do the “conservation” experiment. Basically, it is to show that children don’t understand that if you pour a liquid from a tall glass to a wide glass of the same volume, they are, well, the same volume, of course. We didn’t do it. 😦 Otherwise, we kind of answered questions and got to play with the plasma brain glass thingy. You know, a device with plasma along it, and if you touch it, the plasma follows your fingers. I felt I had the power, ya know what I am talking about? ^_^ I also met a middle schooler who knew more math than I did, including calculus and other math stuff in proving and etc etc etc. It’s just me, but it kind of gets me thinking that you know, maybe high school maths should have a little more substance than just memorizing formulas and solving numerical problems. Then, everything was over and we all left happily temporarily after after. (of course, temporarily ever after doesn’t sound charming, I guess that is why they never use that in fairy tales)

Now, I want to talk my opinion on AP, just because I feel like it. *jedi mind tric* and you will listen to me. */jedi mind trick* You know (there I go with my “you know” again), sometimes, I feel like they overexaggerate the importance, or the need to have AP. Seriously, unless you are really interested in the subject, and develop proper study and note taking methods, you shouldn’t. This rant follows a sentiment similar to mine.  Getting into one without readiness and without the mindset is like having a string tied to your wrist and a shotgun trigger. The moment you lower your hand, you get shot in the brain, metaphorically. I also recommend not to overload in AP. I have classmates with 5 and 6 AP classes. That is way too crazy even for a guy like me, and I am the “smart guy” in my class.  I can barely keep up with the assignments sometimes, I don’t know how others would do it except do homework everyday until midnight. And crap, they make you sign some contract in my school district so that I have to take the test. A fine print I wasn’t aware of until recently. The stupid collegeboard guys then will get their 88$ dough, times four for me! They used to give free exams for reduced or free lunch, but now it is a 22$ discount. Crap, I hate whoever in my district did this, I don’t want to pay for all that, nor do I want to take four AP tests! Seriously, is it too hard to get that maybe, just maybe, that some guys enter AP just because they want to learn? I swear…

But if you are ready and all, it can be rewarding. Yes, it is fast and there are more info. That is what I like about it. If you are the type of guy who thinks all the other classes are too slow, and you are getting bogged down, this one is perfect. Also, it is not the type of classes where you just sit down quietly and do worksheets and questions from textbooks. (Out of both of them, I don’t know which one I prefer, they are all Yuch!) In AP, you are actively able to discuss things, and usually, the boring kind of work, you do it at home. There are times in which the whole class is distracted into talking other things, sometimes involving the teacher. Those are fun times. Also, most people in AP are not a** holes. When I was in the so called “college prep” (I giggle everytime I pronounce those words, ’cause it is such an oxymoron), I was miserable and intermingling with half breeds and trolls. (don’t take this comment too seriously, I don’t really think they are half breeds or trolls, but they were terrible people, at times really stupid) So yeah, now you know my opinion. If you are taking AP, make wise choices.

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