Calculator Contest and Monday Math Madness

March 27, 2009

Firstly, there is a contets for a calculator called Nspire. If you want to get one free, you should enter. I want one too, so I too will participate. ^_^ Secondly, the blog has Monday Math Madness, which is basically a biweekly (or something like that) feature of interesting math problems. Check out number 28!

Trailer for Eureka 7 Movie!

March 27, 2009

Yay! It is finally here. ^_^ A few months ago, I watched all 50 episodes in three days, and I liked it a lot. My favorite thing about it was the smooth and detailed animation. They didn’t use the generic striped line backgrounds. Nor did they use the exaggerated facial expression characteristic of anime, and the ones they used are rare. You can see why I am glad they are making a movie. Whether it is going to be good, well, I don’t know, but I did feel kind of nervous about it. So, here is the trailer:

hat tip: anime life

If curious about what the show is about, watch a few episodes:

Carnival of Space/Skeptic’s Circle/Elitist Bastards

March 16, 2009

I haven’t kept track of the skeptic’s circle (107) for a while, plus, a new carnival of space(94) has come up. Ohh, and the elitist bastard (10)! Almost forgot about that one.

Pawning the Antivax Dudes

March 16, 2009


From respectful insolence.

Nothing more to be said. No mercy.

No MIT for Me

March 14, 2009

Oh well. 😦 I think I will go to a corner and indulge myself in self pity, denying  this ever happened, then blaming my brother while at it, and finally rebound in a manic state in which I am constantly feeding on chocolate and annoying everyone in my vicinity.

Spilhaus Clock

March 14, 2009

My astro club meeting was around a month ago, but still, I wanted to show you something cool. It is called a Spilhaus clock. It shows everything! It was made by a man named Athelstan Spilhaus. He is an oceanographer, geophysicist, and an inventor of sorts.

Here is how it looks like:

The clock has the following features:

1. The horizon and the Visible Heavens 
2. Sun Position in the Sky. 
3. Moon’s Position 
4. Position of the Stars 
5. Relative Position of Sun, Moon and Stars 
6. Day of Month and Year … a Perpetual Calendar 
7. Solar Time of Sun, Moon and Stars at Meridian 
8. Sidereal or Star Time. *
9. Current Phase of the Moon 
10. Time of Daily Sunrise and Sunset 
11. Mean Time of Moon Rise and Moon Set 
12. Mean Time of Star Rise and Star Set 
13. Current Time High or Low Tide 
14. Current Stage of the Tide 
15. Mean Solar Time** This clock is in

This one shows regular time.

Finally, this one shows the various times in various time zones.

Cool, eh?

*Solar time is the time it takes for the sun to be in the same position in the sky, exactly 24 hours.

**Sidereal time is the time it takes for the stars in the sky to return to the same position in the sky, which is 23 hours, 56 minutes. Yes, that is right, solar and sidereal time are different. In fact, the sidereal time is more of a “real time” because that is when Earth turns exactly 180 degrees, while in solar time, to keep up to the sun, the Earth has to turn a few degrees more.

File:Sidereal day (prograde).png

Note how position 2 is when the Earth turns exactly 180 degrees in the orbit from position 1 to 2. Say in part number one, you are in a sunrise, then in part two, it still hasn’t risen yet because the Earth has to turn a bit more (part 3) so that the sun rises to the exact place as it was in position 1. See? Not that hard. ^_^ Unless I suck explaining things. So yes, if you have a question, you can comment on it.

It’s Pi Day!!!

March 14, 2009

You know, 3.14, get it? March (3) 14? Easy enough right? Just saying.

Religious Comedy, or Things Fundamentalists Actually Believe In

March 14, 2009

While riding the car, my dad tuned into a religious channel. The guy was talking about the end of times BS.  You know, the apocalypse, the coming of Christ and all that. Anyways, I thought I would never hear in my lifetime a religious kook speak, or hear anything that ridiculous. But I did… I did… Now, some of you might be saying, “you are being too mean!” Boo hoo. People like him deserve to be made fun at. Scaring people into the end of the world without any substance to the claim ain’t cool.

It was quiet funny, really, a comic relief. Basically, a bunch of people came to ask some questions and the guy answered really boring, nasal tone. Strangely, he mentioned that the end of the world would be at May 2011. Funny that, I have heard something similar for year 2012. Oh well.

And when some guys asks, “why don’t the Bible  mention other people? Like Americans, Africans, Asians, blah blah blah.” (the guy says a whole bunch of things, me thinkest that the question could have been told in a shorter way) Well, the guy just rambled on quiet incoherently. He said the Bible was a parable. I snickered because he just admitted the Bible was just stories, either that, or he just don’t know what a parable is. He rambled, and somehow ended with “we are all God’s children,” or something like that.

The last thing I remembered was this, the guy mentions the so called “tribulation” was some 100 something days. A caller asks, “isn’t it seven days?” but in a longer fashion. Then the guy rambles on about some numbers and numerology crap (somehow, he mentions multiplying 12*7*some number I don’t remember, what the heck?) and in the most ironic statement, says, God didn’t reveal to them (meaning, the theologians), mentioning how they worked hard. Somehow, he is perfectly able to make the statement himself without thinking, I don’t know, if perhaps it wasn’t revealed to him either? Just saying, you know, there is a possibility. Anyways, it was a good thing my dad turned off the car because by that point, he had made so many self defeating ironic statements that my brain was about to blow up.

Another Carnival of Space and Other Space Stuff

March 8, 2009

Number 93 from planetary society blog.

On Pluto being/not being planet debate, here is a funny satire (via badastronomy) and an opinion piece by spacewriter.

Space telescope Kepler has launched, which will invastigate planets, and perhaps find one like our own.

Next space shuttle will launch in March 11.

Ten things you didn’t know about the sun by Badastronomy. I knew a lot of them, but he always add these little facts that makes understanding of them so much worthwhile.

Could there be life in Ceres?

What are the Martian rovers up to? (with cool HiRise pics of their paths)

Oh, and universetoday posted a picture which I thought it was really cool, three galaxies colliding.

Trio of galaxies.  Image credit: NASA, ESA and R. Sharples (University of Durham, U.K.)

Every posts should end with a cool picture like that.

Random Fun Stuff: Again

March 8, 2009

…because I have nothing else to do than to randomize.

When two strong neodymium magnets bite your finger off. (via badastronomy)

Name 192 UN nations under ten minutes (spelling counts, that sucks)

Wanna know how religious you are? Well, take this religion 101 test! (turns out if you are a decent person, you fail the test)

Finally, in a debate that will shake the world, and as biology professor Hazel Sive says, “the debate will drive the Institute to the next millenium, and may decide the fate of the planet,” MIT professors argue which Jewish pastries are better through hard to argue evidence, theology, and various arguments. So which side are you in? The Latke or the Hamentashen?