Another Carnival of Space and Other Space Stuff

Number 93 from planetary society blog.

On Pluto being/not being planet debate, here is a funny satire (via badastronomy) and an opinion piece by spacewriter.

Space telescope Kepler has launched, which will invastigate planets, and perhaps find one like our own.

Next space shuttle will launch in March 11.

Ten things you didn’t know about the sun by Badastronomy. I knew a lot of them, but he always add these little facts that makes understanding of them so much worthwhile.

Could there be life in Ceres?

What are the Martian rovers up to? (with cool HiRise pics of their paths)

Oh, and universetoday posted a picture which I thought it was really cool, three galaxies colliding.

Trio of galaxies.  Image credit: NASA, ESA and R. Sharples (University of Durham, U.K.)

Every posts should end with a cool picture like that.


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