Why Science?

I believe this video basically packages every reason why science is important. I think that people should be learning for learning’s sake,  satisfy one’s curiosity, and because it makes for a more well rounded person.

hat tip: teen skepchick

Relating to science, something terrible happened. In Texas, creationists tried to pass a new educational standard which has contigencies which allows them to impose their religion laden science and the 6000 years old world crap. And they won. Even though the “strenght and weakness” clause was avoided, they put in other secret backdoors which could allow creationism to enter the classroom. At least science is winning in Florida in another attempt by creationists to butt in.

hat tip: Texas Freedom Network

As someone who have once been indoctrinated by the creationist dogma two years ago, I vehemently oppose such religious interference. It jeopardizes the education of young minds, and mind you, if I would have stayed that way, imagine the effect it would have on my future scientific career, since I want to be an astronomer. And really, you can’t be an astronomer without the realization that the universe is much older and complex than “God did it.” Anyways, my trust in scientists have always been greater, and it seemed strange to me that so many scientist would support evolution. In my mind, evolution sounded like nonsense. After all, our mind can’t comprehend how the incredible time scale can overtime enable accumulation of small changes into larger ones. When I investigated things, though, there were so much evidence for evolution that in less than two weeks, I had to accept that evolution was real. Also, creationists constantly misrepresented the theory, and spun it into a nonsensical theory. So yeah, now you understand my complete opposition to creationism. No Mercy shall be shown from me.



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