Three or So Stuffs I Have to Tell You

Firstly, if anyone has been following my blog (doubtful), sorry for not posting for over a week. I have been busy with school work, now it is easter and I haven’t felt like blogging. Hey, don’t look at me like that, I am just a high school going teenager, you should expect some procrastination. ^_^ Don’t expect me to post too often for a while  either, not until all the pressure subsides. Sorryp.

Secondly, a few stuff about my blog. I have finally made the final update to my pop quiz on rainbows, so I hope you enjoy it. ^_^  No one was responding, so  whatever, it took me long enough. Now, notice on my widgets that I posted one with body counts caused by unvaccinated people, and guess what, I am putting the weight of their death on the antivax shoulders. They are responsible for bringing some of the diseases back and increasing the amount of infection, while at the same time reducing the amount of people that could have herd immunity. Also notice the face of the person, that is Jenny McCarthy, a celebrity with a deadly pursuit of eliminating vaccines in an effort to impose an impossible demand of 100% safe vaccines. She is truly a menace, especially since celebrities are able to reach out normal people and lowest common denominators more easily, and plus, she has Jim Carrey on her side. Put this widget on your blog and oppose her. (hat tip: lay scientist, respectful insolence) Which is why I myself am doing a new page for my blog called Black Hole. It is basically a blacklist of every people who annoys me and I believe to be threats to society. It basically states my opinions about these people and link them to either my opinions or to people who are trying to raise awareness on them. I might even have a scale of annoyance. It is an unscientifically derived scale of how much these people annoy me. I will call it *drum rolls* the IBY annoyance scale!!! What else did you expect? Anyways, 1 could be mild, friendly annoyance, like my family (^_^) to I don’t know… horrifyingly moronic, brain cell killing annoying like Kent Hovind, a creationist (careful, clicking on the link can cause permanent drain bamage… do’h! It is already happeing), hopelessly delusional annoying, like VenomfangX, to real threat to society annoying, like Jenny McCarthy. Now, you will probably be picky, saying that Hovind is a threat to education. That is true, but firstly, that moron is in a freaking jail, and secondly, it seems to be his other minions who seem to be pulling the real punches here. My point is, these people will have hell to pay.

Thirdly, I guess I have to offer you something. I have recently been watching the anime Nodame Cantabile. So I found someone who is really good at piano playing the theme:

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