Carnival of Space number… Arrgghh!!!

This is getting ridiculous. It seems like all I have been posting these days are carnivals.

Anyways, I missed apparently carnival of space number 96, 97, and 98.

Also, I would like to put up one from skeptic’s circle: 108

Next, a few stuff from which I thought was cool:

Firstly, shadows on Saturn’s ring created by its moon’s shadows.

Secondly, a treadmill in the ISS has been named after Stephen Colbert. It was going to be the new node they would put in the ISS, but oh well… Anyways, here is the episode in which he finds out.

Thirdly, there is this cool video on coronal mass ejection and the images recorded by STEREO, which is a whole bunch of ionized particles released by the sun in a violent episode in its corona due to twisting magnetic fields:

Finally, there is a cool picture of a nebula, something you could call “the space hand with four fingers” obtained via Chandra x-ray telescope (hat tip badastronomy):


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