Bach is Killing My Fingers

The piece I am trying to play with the piano the initial portion of Bach’s Toccat and Fugue in d minor, which is this:

I don’t really like this music, though. It sounds like someone is smashing on the organ keyboard all the time. But still, the initial part is neat. Even though it is just the begginning, the music is taxing. I swear, I am going to get carpal tunnel syndrome and my fingers are going to fall off. There is this part that is really fast, but at the same time it takes your fingers into a complicated movements. I know the movements now, but I have to synchronize it with my left hand, plus do it at a steady pace, and then go faster as it goes on. It is like this:

By the way, I suggest you check out his channels and website. He teaches piano in an accesible way without the hurdle of music sheets, and he always put up pieces of pop music or classical that you might want to learn. To get the complete parts for all the music in youtube, though, you have to register and pay in his website. After all, he has to make a living.

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