Curve Ball Illusion, or: Dark Magic…

Update: Say, there is a cool live video on Hubble repair, or you can see me live twitter it. ^_^

Update 2: I want to add another “dark magic” science down below.

…or at  least that is what my brother called it, dark magic. ^_^ Just go and watch it, it is about the creepiest thing.

And another piece of science “dark magic”: Having boiling water freeze. Seriously, these scientists are creeping me out. I think we need to revive the witch hunts. What? Not so serious? What are you talking about!? Want to see how they did it? Here it is:

Finally, the final piece of really cool science “dark magic” is this picture:

See that? It is the space shuttle with Hubble, a snapshot from the ground! That is just cool.

(hat tip badastronomy)

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