E3 Game Convention: Lots of New Stuffs!

Wow, lots of gaming news this week! It is E3, which means the game companies will be displaying their next products. A lot of stuffs came out with the conference, including XBox’s interactive new camera, PlayStation’s camera/wand, and a show of Wii’s motion +.  Plus, they announced tons of new games. Too bad my Wii got stolen… Must… Kill… That… Person… *Drool* Anyways,  they showed things like Peter Molyneux’s interactive person using the XBox interactive camera, displayed new games like Mario Galaxy 2 and a new Metroid, and etc etc etc. Also, Miyamoto gives away a lliiiittttllleee sneak peek on the next Zelda, and they also announced Golden Sun, one of my favorite RPGs!

In celebration, here is my favorite Golden Sun soundtrack:

For this week, I am a happy gamer, until reality sets over me that someone stole my Wii and I go sulking again.


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