Status on Woo Ad on Astro Mag

Hmmm… In the last few issues, they have been displaying the usual telescope ad. Not the quack physics turd Our Undiscovered Universe they had been displaying lately. Maybe their contracts expired or something… I don’t know. Whatever. But if it comes back, I swear, I am going to throw fits. Jeez, a science mag advocating the very antithesis of what they are hoping to inform the public about. I mean really, don’t they have a million of those telescope ads? I would really like to know the decision behind it. But just so you know, it was an ad on a book that was supposed to be the beggining of a paradigm shift. Null Physics supposedly proved the Big Bang wrong, or so the ad says in an Expelled (don’t watch the whole thing unless you want to lose your brain) style kind of way. Anyways, the guy who supposedly disproved conventional physics, well, ain’t really a physicist, nor is he great at it, and he gets a LOT of things wrong, including the amateurish mistake of using infinity as an actual number and making things up. So yeah, my opinion on it is this:


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