Good Times at Astronomy Club Meeting

Update below

Which was 2 weeks ago. Yeah yeah, I have been getting quiet lazy.  Anyways, it was a dinner meeting, which meant eating at a fancy restaurant at Delaware Park. How fancy, you ask? Judge for yourself:

Fancy room, eh?


It was so fancy that even the butters were pretty!


And the first thing I noticed was this:


There were three of them. Everyone had a chance to win it in a raffle. And as I expected, although I sorely hoped the opposite, I didn’t get it. 😦 It was the saddest moment of my life…

Also, there was a telescope they showed! What kind was it? I don’t remember, was it Galilean? Anyways, it had a really small peephole, but it was also great because you could see people way yonder as if they were right besides you.


After an hour, I had delicious dinner which consisted of cream soup, salad, freshly baked bread (yummy bread!), salmon, and a dessert called Napoleon, which is a cake made out of layers with creams in between and it had a strawberry sauce topping. Dessert was the best part. ^_^

Then it was time for the presentation. And as you can see in the picture below, they wanted to get the atmosphere right:


And after giving people some awards for astronomy education, the presentation went ahead. It was about how different cultures had different stories about the way astronomical phenomena worked and how some of the stars came to being. Unfortunately, I don’t have the video uploading feature, and I don’t have the money to. Although I might get a  youtube account, then maybe I could post them…

I have a few videos. Unfortunately, my camera didn’t have enough memory, so I could only get snippets. Plus, the videos are grainy, so sorry. ^_^ So enjoy as much as you can.


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