Physics with Detective Conan

This is the nth edition of *drum rolls* Pop Quizz! A quizz in which the answers are not obvious and if it is obvious, and you get it wrong, you are rebuked at!!!

Occasionally, I will occasionally ask a question, and the reader will answer them! Sometimes, a wrong answer won’t invite rage, some really obvious one will, and you will be called an idiot if you can’t answer the obvious one. ^_^

Today’s problem comes from a really popular anime called Detective Conan (Case Closed in America). These days, I have been watching too much of it. I just watched over 200 episodes, in fact, which explains my absence. ^_^ Basically, it is about a teenage detective who shrinks into a kid after he was given a poison when he was discovered meddling in the affairs of a criminal syndicate. Since no one takes him seriously as a kid, he has to use an incompetent detective to solve various crimes via a sleeping dart and voice changer. Yeah, I know, it is pure fantasy.

Anyways, this one is a simple problem that even a high schooler could do. It relates to the following situation: Say you were in a reeaalllyy tall building in the top floor with a bunch of brats, yeah? And someone planted a bomb on the floor you are on, and there is no way out because the floors below are on fire, while the helicopter can’t land above because it has also been blown up. Yeah, things are really bad, and you believe that you are going to die…. But, not only is there a cool new car that has been presented earlier as a reward to a contest, but also, there is another building that is lower than the one you are in! So, what if you use the cool new car in order to crash land on to the other side? (with seat belts, of course ^_^ ) And Haibara (the girl shown below) tells you the distance between the buildings is the following:


Hhhmmm… Basically, the height difference between the buildings is 20 meters (Ha Ha! the SI measurement of distance, meters is what the rest of the world uses) and the distance between them is 60 meters. Now, with the space available inside the room, she estimates that the car will accelerate ’til 60 km/hr… or so (around 16.7 m/sec). Now, the question is, will the car be able to land on top of the other building, or will it be too slow and plummet to its doom, thereby condemming everyone inside it in a horrible and painful death? To get the idea (although it is kind of cheating because Haibara answers the yes or no question, but you still have to show your work!), look at the clip below, starting from 7:41 until 8:20 and STOP, and if you want further hint, go to 8:25. Further on, and you will get the answer.

Can you get the answer by yourself? Or will you have to beg me (or the clip) to give you the explanation? Oh the suspense! ^_^

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