Carnival of Space 109, Plus Mars Hoax

From Twisted Physics.

I notice how one of the entries is about Mars looking as big as the moon at its closes approach even though it is too darn far away. Yeah, those come up every freaking year even as it never happens. Plus, the post has a link to others saying, no, it won’t happen. I don’t even get the need to spread it every year, since it still hasn’t come true! Heck, it is so widespread even NASA has a debunking page about it. Seriously people, get real, planets are really really really far away. The distance to the moon: ’round 400,000 km, but Mars is several millions of kilometers away. It will look really small, even at its closes approach because really, compared to Earth, it is half its size. Just so that those of you who are purveyors of such myths, here is a real time feed of Mars distance from the Earth (which is very cool! thanks, universe today!).

My favorite statement for all of this is the following from Space Disco:

 We Need The Mars Hoax… The Universe Just Ain’t Exciting Enough

I think this statement strikes true at the core of it all. In my mind, these people spreading such rumors have no curiosity at all to investigate and find out how wonderful the universe is without having to invent stuff. Heck, they couldn’t even have done the research to stop themselves to waste time. Oh well…

Oh, and Space Disco mentions about an email on a plead of a Nigerian princess. Has anyone received the scam email? ^_^ ‘Cause I did, which caused me to laugh loudly. Also, I feel like in order to have the astronomy blog badge of honor, I have to recieve the Mars getting as big as the moon hoax mail, so bring it on!

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