Cool Planet Pictures and a Bit of Mad Silly Putty Science

Yesterday, I wanted to take pictures of the 4th of July fireworks and a beautiful full moon. Since I didn’t have it, I decided thatI would show something cool here.

First and foremost, planet pictures! CandadianSkeptic took really cool pictures of the planets. My favorite ones are the following:

You can see the different bands of gases!

In this one, not only can you see Jupiter (lower left) and the very faint Neptune together (middle right), you can also see the two large moons rotating Jupiter!

And then there is science with silly putty. Meaning, they dropped 50lb of silly putty from the top of the building (sorry, couldn’t embed the video for some unknown reason). The way the putty broke apart might surprise you. (hat tip: Mike the Mad Biologist)


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