Moon Day

Or at least that is what I like to call the time the first human set foot on the moon. ^_^ We should celebrate this amazing achievement due to centuries of gathered knowledge and the people who made such feats possible. While I made an early celebratory post, I found a few neato stuffs elsewhere.

Firstly, Google put up a celebratory logo!


By the way, the letter l is the footprints, just in case you don’ notice it. Plus, google released the moon in Google Earth feature:

Also, in the NASA webpage, there are plenty of videos on the moon landing, including the remastered ones. I can’t embed them, so I am using the one badastronomy blog uploaded it:

Finally, the coolest one of all, is that a NASA mission, LRO space probe took pictures of the landing sites! Those of you who don’t think it is amazing, think about it. It has only been recently that cameras have gotten good enough to take pictures with that high of a resolution. And you have to remember, the probe is high up above the moon! (around 19-124 miles, yeah, they are that exact) They pretty much imaged all of the Apollo landing sites 11-17 (13 is missing because it never made it, basically there was an explosion mid space, fortunately, they made it back safely). My favorite one is this one from Apollo 14, and you can see why:

Note, future images will have even greater resolutions! Plus, they carried over 1.6 million names to outer space!

This leads me to another thought that makes me sad. Certain people are so hung up over their own ways of thinking that no matter how much evidence and logic you throw at them, they won’t ever budge. Those are of course, the moon hoax conspiracists. Even looking at those pictures, they won’t be convinced, because it is not about the truth, but it is about maintaining such beliefs. Which means they will all be missing the beauty of the natural world, science in all of this, the knowledge that has been gathered, and that will be gathered. The greatest achievement in humanity ever is made and basically, this point in history flies by right past their brains. It is kind of like what MIT physicist and lecturer Walter Lewin says the difference between looking and seeing is. Just observing and saying, “oh, look, it is the moon, awesome” is looking. But there is more to the moon than being round and shiny. Observe closely at the craters, the black areas, and the long history they represent. Watch closely all of those wonderful lunar pheonomena, the phases, how they happen, and how they are inter-related to everything else in this universe. That is indeed truly seeing. For them, though, significance of it is gone, to be replaced by suspicion and mistrust towards the world and the people who worked so hard. It is still bizarre to think that such people exist. Plus, it is sad to think that a person mistrusts the world so much that they have to make things up like these.

Oh, plus, I would like to add my update to the Carnival of Space: 112


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