Solar Eclipse 2009

The longest eclipse of the century already happened. The path it went through was the following:

I found this one pretty picture from the internet:

When more interesting pictures come around, I will update it. I hope my relatives from Korea caught the partial eclipse, although it is doubtful they took a picture… But hey, one can hope! ^_^


I found videos from the blog Visual Astronomy, I will post one of them:


From carnival of space, I got to the blog of astropixie, who posted a very cool solar eclipse video, with a few extras also:

She also posted a very cool picture of the shadow of the moon on Earth, taken by the NOAA:

Plus, a few websites (hat tip from the same blogger)

There are galleries here of the eclipse.

Astronomy picture of the day, a panoramic view.

Also, this blog posted way more extra materials on the solar eclipse than I ever could, so you should check this out too.

2 Responses to Solar Eclipse 2009

  1. […] I added more entries to my solar eclipse post, and there is an interesting video you might want to see. […]

  2. john zabawa says:

    thank you thank you music

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