Astro Art and Planets

Firstly, on with carnival 115.

Secondly, I found this cool website of artistic renditions of our Solar System. They are extremely well done. Sometimes, it feels like you are there. ^_^ This one is my favorite:


That is Triton being destroyed. Its orbit is too low, and it will eventually decay.Sad that a lot of cool stuff in our System is going to end in destruction, including Saturn’s rings, Phobos, eventually, the sun itself, with Mercury along with it, and maybe Venus and Earth. We better appreciate them while we can! 😉

Also, I found, get this, the blog of the astronomer who found Eris, that goddess of discord which killed Pluto, Mike Brown’s blog! He is a planetary astronomer, which is pretty much my favorite branch of astronomy. Planets, unlike stars and galaxies, are like people. Each one of them have different personalities, and each one has so many fascinating stuff we don’t know about. Let’s take Titan, that weird exotic place with liquid methane lakes, and recently, a stormy cloud over the equator. It must be really weird being in that planet, with all the hazy sky. I wonder if you can see Saturns through the haze? Anyways, you see, whichever that exists outside the Solar System, there must be many that are quiet exotic as this one.

Even if we don’t have a lot of info on extrasolar planets, we are still finding weird and exotic things like Pulsar Planets, hot Jupiters and Neptunes, and maybe ocean worlds. Plus, how about the moons of those planets, what are they like? Recently, they found a huge puff ball exoplanet orbiting the opposite of what the planets usually do. You may check the database if you want, but there are a lot of weird planets out there, each one unique. So yeah, that is my ideal job, once I plod through undergraduate school, which starts at August 24.

This video, by the way, represents everything I love about astronomy:

(hat tip badastronomy, universe today, and PZ for the video)


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