Creationist Museum Visit by Atheists

In a band of what PZ called humorously the Creozergs, over 200 atheists visited the Creationist museum… that is if you could call it a museum. So, a few of his interesting posts on his visits includes: His own thoughts, a nicely done video, and links from other blogs. What I can say is that the museum is indeed truly bizarre. They purportedly claim their stuff being science, yet their answer to everything comes down to God did it because the Bible says so because it is the perfect word of God because the Bible says so, so God did it because… You know where this is going. In fact, their routine is pretending that their stuff is science when presented to policy makers, and then when they go to their audiences, their masks melt and it is immediately obvious their agenda is religious. The museum is a weird mish mash of cool graphic museum style and fairy tales, and trust me, the mix just doesn’t feel right. It is like adding salt on chocolate. Plus, for some reason, it seems like they are very insecure. From what I have read, they took an atheist outside because of “disturbances” even though all he did was wear a pro atheist t-shirt and engage in some conversations they spied on.

Even though I used to be a former Creationist, I can’t get into the mindset anymore. Admittedly, my period into Creationism was admittedly short, around 2 years. The best way I can describe the mental state I had is the act of doublethink and a mental fortress that shields any argument that might conciveably have a point. Thankfully, I did have an interest in getting to know evolution in order to counter an evolutionist’s arguments (ironic, isn’t it?) and strangely enough, the science blogs I had recently discovered helped a lot, especially badastronomy and pharyngula. I remember as a creationist when both of those became places I really liked to visit even as I disagreed with a lot of things, but I really liked their contents since they had good points, especially those in other issues. Of course, eventually I became convinced that the evidence didn’t support Creationism. Strangely enough, it did  make me think about God, its validity, and how I could be wrong in so many ways. Not only did I become an atheist, but it made me reconsider my stance on a whole lot of issues.

One thing I learned with the whole experience is that the way one viewed nature and the world made a whole lot of difference in one’s position in issues regarding the human condition, ethics, politics, or whatever you might like to call them. I found myself becoming much more liberal, more tolerant (at the time, I was confused when some of my fundamentalist friends told me being gay was a sin, I asked myself how it could be a sin, but afterwards, the confusion was gone), and more open minded to diverse ideas and experience. While being a Creationist does not mean or guarantee that one is a jerk (I know a lot of them, and they are really good friends), it does bring in a type of mindset which I believe it to be quiet explosive when set against the backdrop of 21st century civilization, one wholly dependent on scientific thinking and the freedom guaranteed for us. I believe such mindset to be unscientific, uncritical, repressive, and short term in scope. It leads to unwise decisions which could affect badly the course of government decisions, thereby affecting all of us negatively.  That is why the spread of such pseudoscience and the antiscientific attitude worries me. So you should go ahead and look at the ideas presented by them, in the hope that you might become wiser, and inform others of the fallacies they spout, perhaps even blog about it.


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