Textbooks are a Ripoff-The Rant

Can you believe those freaking textbooks? If it weren’t for amazon, I would have shelled out 500 bucks for those piece of crap. It still didn’t make paying for those psychologically any easier. Every purchase, I felt like someone was taking a straw, plunging it in my nose, and slurping my brain. It was that painful.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to pay over 100 bucks for something we knew a century ago packaged with a little tiny new information. Okay, in science, I would understand, but this is getting ridiculous. Most of what is in the introductory books are just that. Introductory. Which means that most of the subtleties of modern science or modern whatever is out. In history books, they would add some little new events and that is it. But noooo, the sleaze balls these textbook publishers are, they have to throw up another edition every 3 years. And oh yeah, just add another of those crappy CDs that no one uses. And worst of all, there is nothing on those CD except that they link you to another online page! So, they expect me to pay an extra 20-30$ on a piece of plastic that gives you access to the internet! Great, why not just charge us as well for the priviledge of eyeballing their textbooks.

These bookstores make the prices even worse. This one chemistry texbook cost 200$ to buy in the store, while on Amazon, it cost a good portion less than that. Used ones are even better. Then there was this retarded computer application textbook which had no binding or rings in it. If I would have opened it while I was just walking, it would have fallen all over, thereby having to organize 1000 pages of texts. Instead, I am supposed to put that ginormous thing in a ginormous binder. Of course, all I did was to just keep the uneeded chapters out. Frankly, I don’t know why the precalculus text and physics text cost so much. I didn’t see anything special in them. I can get contents as good as those and better online, jeez. For example, this physics blog has a “textbook” which is as good, and FREE!!! Although it is obviously not complete. Then why not use the old ones?! They are as good, really. Newtonian introductory physics hasn’t changed much for decades, maybe a century (although not so sure of this one). For the new stuff, the instructors themselves could come up with stuff. It is not that hard with the advent of the internet. Seriously people, what are some of you thinking?

Oh yeah, I am not using half of the textbooks anyways. Can you believe those bloody administrators or whoever is in charge of this? They make us charge over a 100$, and guess what? The teacher won’t cover half of it because a) there is too much, and b) they are not the subject of the class. This link is a good look about what it is about. 

Oh, and if you look at the English department, the rip off is way worse. They are basically a collection of anthologies which you can pretty much find in the internet for free. Behold, some of the scams chronicled in this blog(you will have to navigate it a bit before you find a post about it).


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