That Aweful German Language

Recently, I just saw this video, it is about English V. German language, telling which one is nicer:

And from my experience in German class, I would agree, it is quiet an ugliful language. Sure, it is unique and interesting and posh, but seriously, with all the aspirated chs and gutural arrrrgghh, it has a way of making your ears bleed sometimes. If you want to know what it sounds like, here is Charlie Chaplin as Hynkel in the movie The Great Dictator. Even though he made it up on the spot, it sounds EXACTLY like German:

Also, compared to English, it is harder. Note, I did not originally know English, so surely I can be more reliable in judging English. Anyways, German has all sorts of weird grammar rules. For example, it has three genders: male, female, and… neuter??? What the heck is a neuter gender?! Is that like halfway between a man or a woman, or a person without genitals, or even a castrated person? Maybe rocks are neuter, since they aren’t alive and they don’t reproduce sexually. But the assignment of gender to words is totally arbitrary, and a word’s meaning can change depending on the gender. Oh, by the way, they always show these rules and everything, and after everything is said and done, they show how all of gazillion words are exceptions to the rules. Knowing the rules is for the most part useless. There are more exceptions to the rules than regular words!

There is another person who can put it in clearer terms. That is, Mark Twain. After I read his comical essay That Aweful German Language, genius, I say, I fell in love with him… a sort of a mancrush/necrophilia… okay, never mind. Forget I just said that. Just read, and enjoy it.


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