Hubble is Back! And Other Pretty Pictures

Yeah, I know, that is old news. But still, there are a whole lot of new pictures that are amazing. Plus, other missions have their own share of pretty pictures which I want to share. After all, probably most of you who read this probably almost never check those space pictures.

So, recently, a new and better camera has been installed on Hubble. Online right now, it took pictures of already know objects. If you compare it with the old ones, the new ones are much better in quality and resolution. My favorites are:

Omega Centauri is a globular cluster in our galaxy. Some believe it is a stripped core of a dwarf galaxy. As you see, it has old red giants at the end of their lives, old blue stars which collided with others and increasing their lifespan, and the smallish yellow sun like main sequence.

And these five group of galaxies. I believe that four of them are merging, although it will take billions of years. The upper left one is a galaxy much closer to us, so it is really a foreground galaxy which is not interacting with any of them.

Now, another mission I have been missing out on is LRO, a lunar mission. It has also been producing amazing pictures:

A crater with a rim eternally in sunshine, and a hole in perpetual darkness.

Weird channel thingy:


Cracked crater:

MRO also has a lot of amazing Mars pictures.

Look at this one, Mars crater with sand dunes, simply amazing:

And cheese moon of Mars Deimos:

Good times for astronomy, overall. ^_^


One Response to Hubble is Back! And Other Pretty Pictures

  1. IYY says:

    One suggestion, in my opinion you should put words referencing a picture below, not above, the picture. That is what most people are used to.

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