When All Hope was Crushed

A few hours ago, I was sitting at a physics class for 30 minutes overconfidently doing nothing while others were studying hard for the test, and the instructor didn’t come. We all agreed that we should go, made jokes on the inadequacy of the instructor, and were ready to leave. You have no idea the amount of excitement this generated in the air, I could almost feel it. After all, it would mean the test would be posponed until next week. For a while, we speculated what happened to him, and I speculated that he was having a bad bathroom brake. We were all hesitant to leave, of course. He could come at any minute and start class. This one guy tried even calling the instructor, but he got the voice message. We all had a laugh and reprimanded him for doing exactly what we guessesd he would do outside. Then a few people left. I was ready to leave when those  leaving came back, claiming they saw him coming. And so I cursed in misery. We had to sit there for the boring lecture and had to take the test, which I think I did pretty well myself. One person left before hand, and so missed the test. We were so close to delaying the inevitable. Isn’t fate cruel? Now, if my cell phone could have come with just a damn USB that fits my phone AND connect to the computer. I could have shown the classroom that was about to be emptied, and could have posted about the astronomy club meeting instead of this silly story.

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