A Few Links to Start the Day

October 23, 2009

Firstly, a blogroll, I found a good blog dedicated to challenging global warming denialism.

A lot of time, I hear people comparing science to religion. I don’t think science is a religion, and this person explains it perfectly. (hat tip primate diaries)

Also, can you believe it? Oprah talks about Denmark, its really good social situation, and  the fact that atheism might not be that bad.

Finally, there is the infuriating situation in Nigeria in which the rise of evangelical Christian is causing a witch hunt, specifically, children. Absolutely unfuckingbelieveable. What time period is this, the 13th century? Whatever happened to reality and the following lesson: you can’t trust a religious leader? Because like always, they are trying brainwash people in order to advance themselves, and they don’t care how they do it. Really, religion being a good force in the world. People always tell me that morality comes from God. It makes a stupid little difference if you believe in a god or not, if you are a piece of crap of a human being, you are a piece of crap, and I don’t care what you believe or how much it hurts your feelings. These sort of things is the reason why I care so much about rationality, skepticism, and reality. If you know what is real, you know what is harmful, and what is not, you are aware that doing certain things won’t do anything. You are able to navigate the world in the most beneficial way possible. You don’t use the stupid argument that superstition comforts you. Comfort my ass, if you want comfort  for the expense of everyone else, then such comfort is not worth it. The following video, oh I love it so much. The news analyst explains precisely why we need to explain things based in facts, why education and science is important in curbing superstition, and stresses the importance that we base our actions on what is real! Especially, he points to the fact that having beliefs that are not true, you enable such mode of uncritical thinking, which spreads like a virus, reaching moronic people who in turn brainwash others. We need more analysts like him who are able to defend skepticism and reality like that. So, credits to Cenk.