Math Club Stuff

In college, I was in a math club for a while. And being in a math club has its own charms, including having pi ices to chill my drink:


Plus, I got to have a free mug with math equations on them!


Up there, you can see Maxwell’s equation of electromagnetism, circumference of a circle, planck’s quantum mechanic equation of energy, deBroglie’s equation of waves and momentum, Hubble’s law, and part of general relativity and Rydberg’s equation for hydrogen light emission.


Over here, you see Einstein’s energy mass equivalence, Euler’s formula, Schrodinger’s quatum mechanics wave equation, Dirac’s equation (which predicted antimatter!), Newton’s second law, Riemann’s zeta function, Fourier transform, and Boltzmann’s entropy equation. The part where you see zero, behind it is delta*S, which is path of least action.

Yeah, equation galore. Say, can you tell which one is which? I couldn’t tell what a third of them were until I looked them up. I mean, even though they did tell you the name of the equations, it is not like you know exactly what it means. And for around half of them, I wouldn’t even know how to use them. I mean really, what is that psi letter (the pitchfork looking letter, perhaps mark of the devil? ^_^) in Schrodinger’s? I know it stands for wavefunction, but that is not exactly helpful. Overall, being in the math club is a good deal. I get to have free pizzas and mug, while satisfying my math obsession.

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