The Spirit of Videogaming

I have two interesting links relating to videogames.

The first one is on the status of videogames in my homeland, Venezuela. It seems like the Venezuelan government, oh so benevolent like always, is banning them as if they were weapons. Frankly, I don’t know how the Venezuelan people think while electing all of these people. Perhaps they are all corrupt. From what I have read on Venezuelan history and politics, the situation has always been precarious. I remember those times, school cancelled due to weeks of strikes and marches, or the coup which attempted to overthrow Chavez. And there was the riot which traumatized the country, El Caracazo, which happened before I was born. 

Oh well, not that it matters. Most games being sold in Venezuela are pirated, which I and my brother had a fare share of. You see, buying legal games in Venezuela is completely impractical for us working middle class family, and for the huge poor population of the country. I remember when a Gamecube used to cost 500,000 Bolivares, which is around 250 bucks. Thanks to that, I skipped a whole generation of gaming (around 6 years). Now, consider the huge number compared to the small dollar, though. It means the money is somewhat worthless and so getting that amount is just very expensive. Plus, all dollar transactions in Venezuela is done in the black market, so technically, the money is even more worthless. Now games cost like what, 500,000 and a console is around 1,000,000? That is madness, who would buy those stuffs except for the filthy rich.

The other interesting link is the interview of mainly Miyamoto (whom I admire, being father of videogaming and all) and Iwata, and other creative minds behind Nintendo’s awesome products and games. It tells you a bit about videogaming philosophy, their ideas, and what their thoughts are of the way things are going. Very interesting stuffs, so read up!

Oh, and before I leave, something funny that “explains” Mario’s crazy adventures:

(hat tip gonintendo)


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