Science in Action

Scientists are better at predicting things than psychics. C’mon, has psychics ever predicted the existance of black hole? I don’t think so. ^_^ In this case, theorists predicted that a certain type of supernova should exist with this and this characteristic. Well, one day, a group of astronomers found a supernova which didn’t fit with anything they have found before, but it turned out it did fit with the theoretical supernova. Science at work. You make a prediction based on a hypothesis, and then when there is observational or experimental evidence for it, it is accepted into the framework of knowledge. But what always surprises me, even though it happened a billion times already, is the precision in which theories predict things will be like, especially the math based ones. After all, if the supernova didn’t have that exact characteristic, then the hypothesis wouldn’t have been confirmed, and they would have had to have come up with something else. I think that is kind of strange if you ask me. Do you?

And before I close off:

A collaboration of three telescopes, Hubble (near IR), Chandra (x-ray), and Spitzer (infrared), they took a highly detailed, beautiful picture of Milky Way’s center, Saggitarius A star. Badastronomy and universe today have more details about it. As for me, I just want you to forget the details for a while and look at this wonder, admire the beauty of the universe (annotated version here):

See? Science can be beautiful too.

One more thing, here is carnival of space 128 for any person curious enought to be interested in these things.


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