Planet Icosahedron and Astronomy Stuff

I, having nothing of interest, think there are a few links I think you would like:

Planet Icosahedron: Basically, it is like a planet globe, but instead, it is a icosahedron (duh). Anyways, the images for them have been created by the various spacecrafts that have been near the planets. Very neat stuff. (via skepchick)

Can it be? Finally, a visible evidence of dark matter? It is possible, although we have to wait for the results, so don’t get your hopes up. ^_^ (via Cosmic Variance)

Cool astrnomy picture of ISS going in front of the moon. ’nuff said.

(via badastrnomy)

Hubble found a large dusty galaxy with an ethereal X (via universe today). Badastrnomy has a detailed analysis of it, if you like those kind of stuffs.

Oh, and the Planetary Society Blog posted this cool interaction between the moons of Saturn:


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