Fighting the Security Tool Virus: A Tale of Woe and Tribulations

The last three days have been a nightmare. My computer got infected with a virus, and I don’t know how.  The type of virus I got is called a security tool. It is an extremely annoying kind of virus. It basically imitates an antivirus, except that when it scans, it asks you to delete the so called “malignant files”, when in reaility, they are legitimate ones. Then, they ask you to pay for it, thereby stealing your money. The best thing to do is to keep clicking “stay unprotected”. That bastard.

The worst part, though, is not the pop ups. The worst part is that it prevents ALL access to other programs, and it tries to direct you to itself. So, what I did is quickly restart it, and reboot in safe mode with networking. I used the internet to get tips, from which I got my next strategy. I restarted normally, but quickly went to the task menu, ended the process of the virus, which is a string of numbers if you look closely, upgraded the anti malware, quickly scanned it, and got rid of it. All of this was an ordeal onto itself because I didn’t know what to do initially.

Afterwards, the internet explorer didn’t work, so I thought there must have been more nasty buggers. The next step was to use an antivirus to quarentine and destroy the rest of the viruses. That one took 2 hours of scanning. But when I got rid of them, I thought it was all over, but nope. Internet explorer was busted, Mozilla Firefox wasn’t. I tried downloading and reinstalling internet explorer, but to no avail. Instead, I checked the internet, and I found a certain patch which recovered the missing files I thought the virus or antivirus deleted. When I reseted it, though… *WWHEEEeeeuuuu….* When the screen got to administrator selection screen, it froze, all the freaking time. No matter how much I reseted it. I gave up for that day and went to sleep. Hoped somebody would just shoot me in the head.

Fortunately, my brother, using some sort of reboot, fixed it. Internet explorer still doesn’t work! And you know what else didn’t work along with that? Google Earth didn’t work because supposedly, “it couldn’t connect.” What was weird is that when I checked network connection and IE, it wasn’t connecting. But when I checked Mozilla and the blipping lights of the modem, everything was fine. I don’t get it. And this is the state of confusion that I am stuck in. So, I have to turn to the few of you who read this for help, anyone know what is wrong?

I conclusion, I hate computer viruses, probably as much as my next door neighbor and blogger. Seriously, what kind of loser/no life spends his time creating something like this? Can’t he or she get a legitimate job or something? Maybe the lucrative business of stealing money and annoying people has a market, who knows. Seriously, jeez, I am annoyed.


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